Recent Work

These layered drawings are about memory and family, about how the past lingers in our present and our future. They begin with black and white photographs, worn with age and love, and are drawn on sheets of translucent and transparent Dur-alar. The personalities emerge in black, while the colors of the background are seen through the translucent layers which mimic the ways in which old photos and memories fade. The more brightly colored top layers contain dream and fantasy elements.

Farewell / Mother / Warrior

Longing / Grandma's Garden

Unfinished Women Series 

This series of "unfinished" drawings tell the stories of specific but imaginary women that I create. As I draw, I imagine their lives and their personalities. Stories emerge and infuse the works. I go thrifting to find the clothing I think they might wear and integrate the garment into the framing, adding another level to the work.

Unfinished Woman Series: Hands

Unfinished Woman Series: Hands with dress / in progress

Unfinished Woman Series: Hands / matted

Unfinished Woman Series: UpLit

Unfinished Woman Series: UpLit with dress / in progress

Unfinished Woman Series: UpLit / matted

One Thing to Remember 

Artists Statement
My One Thing to Remember is about our connection to nature, to the environment around us. It breaks my heart thinking of all the animals and plants we have lost. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species become extinct every 24 hours. If we continue to ignore our connection, if we don’t remember in time, we will continue to accelerate our own extinction. For my One Thing to Remember series, hung as a vertical totem, I chose five endangered species. The Asian Elephant, Arun Leopard, Tapanuli Orangutan, Forest Owlet and Gopher Tortoise, are combined with five examples from humanity from around the world. We are not so different after all.

"As I draw each line, I remember"

About the Project
One Thing To Remember is an international exhibition curated by Karmela Berg. Each artist was asked to create a work on the theme, 100cm long and 20 cm wide, that we could mail to her in a standard size envelope. The show, scheduled to open in 2020, was postponed during the pandemic. It opened in Hovinkartano, Finland on July 30, 2022 and was on exhibit through August 1, 2022. It traveled to Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 in Oslo, Norway in September of 2022 and will travel next to The Herzliya Artists’ Residence and gallery exhibition space in Herzliya, Israel.

From curator, Karmela Berg (Ramat Aviv, Israel)
"We live mostly in the present. At the same time we think and plan our future. From time to time, once in a while, we look to the past. This group of amazing artists are here sharing their moments with One Thing To Remember. They are inviting us to take part in those tiny blocks of memories, which reveal and construct their personalities."


Asian Elephant Wise Woman

Arun Leopard Freckled Woman

Tapanuli Orangutan Bearded Man

Forest Owlet Albino Woman

Gopher Tortoise Tattoo Man

One Thing to Remember Installation
Hovinkartano, Finland

Showing the Poster at the entrance

With my work in the show

Nine of the 35 artists

The exhibition is in the "Castle"

Work on Display

Wall of art

With Irene Christensen & our work

My page in the catalog

Work on Display

Karmela Berg with her work (orange)

Corner view with catalog

Pirjo Heino with her work (hearts)

Broad view

Wall and table view

Art on the table

Close up on wall

Three white works

Hanging textile work

Art by the window

Curator's catalog statement

One Thing to Remember