2020 hindsight / 366 portraits by Fran Beallor

A Solo Exhibition of Daily Self Portraits drawn through the leap year of the global pandemic

ARTIST WALK & TALK Saturday September 24 from 2-5pm 
Come join me - bring your questions and thoughts

El Barrio's Artspace PS 109
215 E. 99th Street
New York, NY 10029

Exhibition dates: September 7th - October 1st, 2022 
Show open daily: 10am - 7pm

Save the Dates:
Artist Talk Tuesday September 18, 2022 - 3:30pm
Artists Walk and Talk September 24 2022 2-5pm
Closing Party Saturday October 1, 2022 2-5pm

On January 1st, 2020, artist Fran Beallor began her fourth self-portrait-a-day drawing series. Spanning four decades, these four one-year-long series of over 1,200 self-portraits have become an unexpected life journey. But 2020 took Beallor in a new direction no one could predict.

What started in a mood of introspection quickly morphed into something much, much more. Nobody had any idea what the year held in store: global pandemic, rampant confusing disinformation, Black Lives Matter protests, deadly worldwide wildfires fueled by climate change, an election unlike any in history, the unprecedented fastest vaccine development ever.

Beallor's original idea for SELF 2020 was a personal visual diary of one woman’s life in art. This gave way to a more universal concept as we headed into lockdown in March and our world turned upside down. 366 drawings gave her ample space to explore these themes and more.

Artists Talk On Art / ATOA

PANEL / Let’s Face it: The Psychology of Self Portraiture

Recording available on YouTube 

Three contemporary artists, Tracey Eller, James Rauchman and Fran Beallor have created significant bodies of emotionally revealing self-portraits. They each have a different psychological approach, using three different media: photography, painting and drawing. Join us for a fascinating look into the Psychology of Self-Portraiture.

New York Artists Equity Curatorial Residency Exhibition 2022

The New York Artists Equity Curatorial Residency is an opportunity for NYAE artist members to learn the process of curating an exhibition from start to finish with an emphasis on collaboration, culminating in a gallery presentation. Residency leaders Hayley Ferber and Luciana Solano, help establish the timeline for the artist selection, promotion, artwork drop off, installation logistics, special events, deinstall and artwork pick up. Following the exhibition, community and connection will continue through alumni opportunities including curatorial opportunities and invitations to speak at the following year's residency. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 4-6pm Exhibition opening day and reception

Equity Gallery
245 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

Show dates: September 10 - October 2, 2022 

Evolution / Revolution

New York Society of Women Artists

May 20 - September 16, 2022

Taller Boricua
1680 Lexington Ave.
New York, NewYork, 10029

Artists Talk September 10, 2022 from 2-4pm

Talk available on YouTube Skip ahead to 49:45 for Fran Beallor's talk

Layers: Farewell/Mother/Warrior by artist Fran Beallor is part of our “Evolution/Revolution” exhibition at the historic @tallerboricua in East Harlem, NY. Here’s what Beallor shared about her work:

“My mother was an artist. In the early days of TV, she created a show, “Draw Me a Story,” involving art, storytelling and puppets. It was set to go but due to sexist expectations of the era, she sacrificed her career to pursue my father’s. Working on this drawing, I saw a warrior emerge from her ghostly form. We’ve come so far, yet still have to fight for women’s rights and equality.”

The works in Evolution/Revolution explore the recurrent, collective challenges facing women artists over time. Achievements gained must not be taken for granted; they require continuous vigilance and resolute advocacy to become accepted, sustainable norms. The New York Society of Women Artists (NYSWA), now in its 96th year, is a culturally diverse and intergenerational organization with deep and resolute resources for exploring this theme. The artworks presented relate to the experience of each artist as advocate, singularly and collectively, in a quest for equality in a society in which the triumphs obtained today are constantly at risk of being lost tomorrow. Please visit our Instagram soon to see a presentation of the works on view.

Fran Beallor participates in Body Painting Day 2022

Human Connections returns to Union Square for the 9th annual NYC Bodypainting Day!
The 2022 Theme is HOPE 
40 artists will paint 60 naked models in Union Square Park

July 24th, 2022 from noon-4pm
Union Square Park
17th Street & Union Square West

The theme for our 9th NYC Bodypainting Day is HOPE! Let's embrace the good in the world... freedom, joy, human connection and hope for a great future!

Tell Me More About Yourself

Self-Portraits and Other Autobiographical Endeavors
curated by Juno Zago

Gallery Aferro Main Gallery
73 Market Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Self-portraits often capture likeness in relation to time, place, and life events. They can be emblematic or symbolic of things we believe in, often saying more about the creator than the artist themselves would care to admit. The goal of our show is for artists to present work that depicts and reflects their true thoughts and form, regardless of whether they imbue the work with their physical image.

This exhibition borrows from salon-style presentation, where wildly different artistic expressions coexist under the same banner and no one artwork need be the sole ambassador of a particular point of view. Casting a wide net to capture an impressive variety of interpretations, it offers old and new takes on the creative confessional that is the self-portrait.


Artists Invite Artists

Prince Street Gallery is celebrating the New Year 2022 with an invitational exhibit.
Fran Beallor's oil on canvas, Familiar Reflections is included in the show.

January 4 - 29, 2022

Prince Street Gallery
547 W 27th St # 504
New York, NY  10001-5669

Rewriting Herstory: Volume Two (see p. 56-57)
Published by Victory Hall Press on

REWRITING HERSTORY: Volume Two includes: Women in TV, Radio, Cinema, Theatre; Women in Music and Dance; Women Who Excel in Sports and the Written Word; Women in the Visual Arts; and Women in Science and Math.

Drawing Rooms' catalogue for our international exhibition honoring inspiring women attempts to set the record straight and rewrite history to include Herstory. We honor allinspiring women (with a special shout out to BIPOC) - contemporary as well as throughout history, national as well as international. We tell these women's stories visually and through text. Rewriting Herstory: Volume Two continues the story, highlighting women who have made progress and shattered barriers in a variety of fields.

Rewriting Herstory: Women in TV, Radio, Cinema, Theatre

Drawing Rooms international online exhibition with artists honoring inspiring women continues honoring women who have achievements in TV, Radio, Cinema and Theatre. This exhibition attempts to set the record straight and rewrite history to include herstory. We want to honor inspiring women who are historic or newsworthy- whether or not they got their due in their day.

September 30, 2021 – January 31, 2022

2-TOGETHER: Creating Generational Bonds Virtually

Virtual exhibition at Islipartmuseum.Org & on Isliparts Live YouTube channel
Co-Curated by Holly Gordon and Waldo Cabrera, Sponsored by AARP 

Nov 28 - Dec 31, 2021

Women Celebrate Women 

71 New York area female artists present artwork celebrating and honoring women, in an in-person exhibition

El Barrio's Artspace PS109
215 E. 99th Street
New York, NY

August 12 - August 25, 2021


Fran Beallor joins the board of directors of

Artists Talk On Art / ATOA

Barry Kostrinsky, President of ATOA is pleased to announce that Fran Beallor was elected to the board in November, 2020

talk on self portraits - presentation September 12, 2022 UPCOMING

13th Virtual Open Studio Artists Talk July 13, 2020

Moderator: Barry Kostrinsky, President ATOA

Fran Beallor (at ~ 1:12:00 minutes) presents her series on the theme, ‘One Thing to Remember,’ which will be part of a traveling show curated by artist Karmela Berg. Beallor's response addresses the need to remember the environment and our human connection to nature. Her colored pencil drawings combine portraits of endangered animals and people. On Instagram @onethingtorememberChristina Massey mixed media artist and creator of the USPS Art Project (@uspsartproject on Instagram). 

Other artists presenting: Margaret Zox Brown - Covid Lockdown Paintings, Stephen Hirsch - daily pandemic drawings, Barbara Minch -Women Warriors, Michael Krasowitz - "The Critic as Artist," by Oscar Wilde

14th Virtual Open Studio Artists Talk July 20, 2020

Fran Beallor and Eileen Hoffman, co-leaders of the NY Artists Circle, discuss their USPS Art Project collaboration (@uspsartproject on IG). They discuss their thought process approaching two collaborative pieces. combining Hoffman's Dura-lar bags and Fran’s drawings.
Moderator: Barry Kostrinsky, President ATOA

Christina Massey (the founder of USPS project) joins in to comments on their collaboration "one of my favorites." She found it illuminating to learn about the evolution of their collaborative piece with both of their voices represented. It is rewarding for her to know that artists find meaning in working together, which leads to more collaborations. Massey also shares her own mixed media work.

29th Virtual Open Studio Artists Talk November 2, 2020

Moderator: Barry Kostrinsky, President ATOA

Fran Beallor, artist and newest member of the ATOA board, shared her prolific SELF 2020 project (at ~ 27:55 minutes she starts talking, and at 29:00 minutes you see her share the screen). Beallor draws a self-portrait every day and will exhibit all 366 works in the series in January 2022, at El Barrio's ArtSpace PS 109 on E. 99th St in Manhattan. Beallor considers the series as one piece and is very pleased that they will all be shown together. Shadows, Reflections, Bicycles, Being Boxed In and Masks are a few of her sub-series within the year. These, along with a sharp look at an evolving self, are key elements in her work in response to Covid. She is truly  documenting her times, her era, our era.

Other artists presenting: Mark Strodl - surreal digital works. Carol Orito - outsider-style artwork. Michael Krasowitz - use of Tic-Tok and capturing the evolution of his work. Lawrence Wheatman - photographic NYC leaf series.

57th Virtual Open Studio - May 17, 2021

Artists participating in, "Fragile Earth," an exhibition curated by Fran Beallor and Barbara Sherman for the New York Artists Circle (NYAC). Moderator: Barry Kostrinsky, President ATOA

Fran Beallor's various drawing series speak to climate related issues. Her Ugly Fruit drawings comment on food waste. Portraits of Glaciers, bring attention to the plight of the world’s shrinking glaciers. Her Dead Horse Bay series uses washed-up landfill junk from the ocean to highlight our lack of concern for the environment, while showing beauty in cast-offs.

Jenna Lash portrays large endangered animals as found on international currency, using her neo-pointillist technique.
Pauline Galiana shared her short video which addresses the environmental dilemma of plastics.
Barbara Sherman draws birds on a stage to highlight the threat to their habitat and by the sea to highlight that the oceans are drowning in plastic waste.
Eleanor Goldstein captures Greenland’s glaciers, revealing the transparent and ephemeral nature of their beauty, as they melt and disappear day by day. 

70th Virtual Open Studio Artists Talk August 23, 2021

Barry Kostrinsky, President ATOA moderates a lightning round of 5-10 minute presentations by eight artists.

Fran Beallor (at ~ 16:35 minutes) Presents (1) works on exhibit in Women Celebrate Women at El Barrio's ArtSpace PS 109: Farewell/Mother/Warrior a layered drawing on Dura-lar and two pencil drawings from her Unfinished Women series; (2) Covid focused self-portraits from 2020 and; (3) her art painted on a naked body "canvas" on Body Painting Day June 25, 2021. 

Other artists presenting: Wendy Liss, Elisa Pritzker, Peg Reilly, Monroe Hodder, Alice Zinnes, Thomas Demic and Olga Alexander.

ATOA moderate talk with Arthur Clay

Fran Beallor is invited to moderate a talk with international new media artist, Arthur Clay.

Swiss American artist Art Clay (CHE) works with sound, specializing in the performance of self created works with the use of intermedia. His recent output focuses on large media based performative works and spectacles using mobile device. He has received prizes for performance, theatre, new media art, music composition and curation. He has  appeared at international festivals, on radio and television television in Europe, Asia and North America, where he has also taught media and interactive arts.

Human Connections Body Painting Day 2021

The 2021 Theme is Resilience 

July 25th, 2021 from noon-4pm
Union Square Park
17th Street & Union Square West

HCA returns to Union Square for our the 8th annual NYC Bodypainting Day!
40 artists will paint 60 naked models in full public view.

So many models that have been part of the HCA family have shown an extraordinary amount of resilience. I am in awe of their power and their steadfastness. They know what they want and they focus their energy. There have been many people that we've worked with battling cancer and other physical challenges. Others seem to defy aging. These people are inspirational to me. But more importantly, they show us how we can persevere in challenging circumstances.

Art On The Corner

most recently Bank Street Book Store, W 107 & Broadway. It along with the art of several neighborhood artists, will be on view until Sept. 6th. If you’re in the area, check it out


Art on the Corner will feature the work of local artists in the nine oversize windows that wrap around the northeast corner of Broadway and 107th Street on the Upper West Side, where the Bloomingdale District meets Manhattan Valley. 

Art on the Corner seeks to reflect and celebrate the many-faceted neighborhood that has sheltered us through a challenging year during which many of us have not ventured far from home. Art on the Corner aims to harness the power of art to provoke thought, to inspire, and to unite. 

The exhibition will run from June 5 to September 6.

Forever Young

Islip Art Museum

Islip, LI, NY

July 1-August 15, 2021

Lost & Found: A Personal Vision

a New York Artists Circle online group show

May 1 - August 31, 2021

My Piece is in the Personal section of Lost & Found.

USPS Art Project, #6

GreenlyArt Space, Signal Hill, CA

May 10- July 31, 2021

with Susan and Eileen at the GREENLY ART SPACE

Other USPS project shows:

NYSWA/Taller Boriqua

Women on the Edge of Time

March, 2021 - March 2022          Fran Beallor in Women on the Edge of Time

New York Society of Women Artists: Women on the Edge of Time

Social change starts in the realm of ideas as contemporary NYSWA artists with diverse histories consider the challenges of immigrant rights, basic human rights, the “me too” movement, gender equality, environmental concerns and racism.

NYSWA visual artists engage in a dialogue as independent beings facing their life experience, their time and the future of the planet. While influenced by historical precedent, current issues, recent history or personal experience NYSWA artists search, seek and find communicative means to address their ideas and their personal power in the present world through the artistic process.

“Middle East Piece” Oil on Canvas 40” x 36”

Taller Boricua Gallery ( 1680 Lex Ave. 105/106 (212) 828-4333 during Women's History Month March, 2021. They do a superb job promoting their exhibitions and requested I send images (ASAP) of a few artworks to be included in the show. 

an artist a day July 2020

Hudson Guild created Hindsight 2020: Artists and Poets respond to the past year, in response to the events of 2020. I hope you will take a few minutes to look at some of the beautiful and thoughtful work created by people of all ages in our community. It is a testament to resilience and hope.

Fragile Earth: Artists Respond to Climate Change

Curated by Fran Beallor and Barbara Sherman

The works in this exhibition represent an artistic call to action from a group of creators who remind of the reverence and awe unique to our planet, which is under grave threat. This collection is a new iteration of an exhibition scheduled to hang at Art at First Gallery but canceled due to COVID-19. The New York Artists Circle is proud to be able to offer an online platform for this important work.

Barbara Sherman, director of Art at First Gallery in New York City teamed up with NYAC co-leader, Fran Beallor to curate this important show.  Revised, reformatted, and renamed for this online presentation, Beallor and Sherman are thrilled to present Fragile Earth: Artists respond to Climate Change. NYAC artists responded from a myriad of vantage points. Some seek to educate, some call us to action, while others memorialize endangered species or wilderness settings. All see the crisis against the backdrop of their individual aesthetics and believe that voices and art have a significant impact.  


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Vasari 21 - Artists Respond to the Pandemic

Vasari 21 invited artist Fran Beallor to write about how she was doing in her art life in the the fourth month of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"When I started my “Self-Portrait-a-Day-2020” series, I had no idea what we would be in for in this time of global pandemic and social distancing ... "

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