Portraits of Glaciers

I have stood on glaciers in Alaska, looked into their impossible blue depths, witnessed their calving and heard their magical, cracking song. Flying over the glacial coastline between Anchorage and Juneau, with its undulating crystalline rivers of ice, snow, rock and sediment, inspired a series of aerial portraits of glaciers around the world. Each is a portrait of a particular glacier or glacial area done from Nasa satellite images.

Blue ice beckons. I long to visit these places: Patagonia, Iceland, Antarctica. The very names fill me with wonder. I feel compelled to memorialize the glaciers, our shrinking natural wonders. Each drawing is a portrait of a particular glacier or glacial area.

The intricate, patterned images I create seem abstract, but they are in fact realistic renderings. I seek to inspire people to consider the importance and the plight of our melting glaciers. Like my drawings, the concept of global warming may seem abstract, may seem “elsewhere,” but seeing the glaciers intimately rendered makes the process feels more real and personal.


Frilled Glacier: Chapman Glacier, Ellesmere Island, Nunaut Territory, Canada

Two Paths Glacier: Gilkey Glacier, Alaska, USA

Blue Ice Glacier: Byrd Glacier, Antarctica

Dry Andes Glacier: Cerro Mercedario, San Juan, Argentina

Fractal Glacier: Sermersuaq Ice Sheet, northwest of Qaqortoq, South Greenland

Birds Eye Glacier: Furtwangler Glacier, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Endless Vista Glacier: Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica