Juliana's Little Universe

Accidental Encounters

Fascinated by the idea of creating still lifes that are “not so still,” I paint objects flying, floating and falling, realistic objects that defy reality and gravity. Even when the objects are simply sitting still, they take on a life of their own, spontaneously imbued with a surreal feeling. Light effects, distortions and repetition in reflections allow me to create worlds within worlds. Mirrored surfaces with their curved distortions invite us to enter into a world that is strange yet familiar. Within the reflections, portraits or self-portraits are often revealed. Impressions, images and objects I have collected appear in Accidental Encounters, evoking stories and memories that are personal yet universal, real yet surreal, suggesting other times and places. Toys represent joy and abandon, creating an “accidental encounter” between childhood and maturity.



Accidental Encounter

Free for All

Nine Lives

The Date

Dahlias' Dilemma

Close Encounter

Familiar Reflections

Pipe Dreams

Leaping Lizard

Through The Looking Glass

A Horse of a Different Color

Watercolor and Colored Pencil

Fish Tales

A Twist of Fate

Borrowed Time

Limited Edition Fine Art Digital Pprints

Leap Frog

Suspended Animation