Tranquility of the East

Eastern art feeds my spirit. As far back as I can remember, I have loved the refined aesthetics of the Far East. Beloved objects from Japan, China and India congregate on my shelves suffused with richly mystical and sensuous qualities. Filled with light and air, the colors seduce: scarlet kimono cloth contrasts with deep black lacquers, vibrant blue glazes sing next to orange and gold fabric.

Collection: Tranquility of the East 1/5

The Lacquered Screen

Amaryllis and Kimono

Mt. Fuji

Great Wave Kimono

Blue Kimono

Still life can bring objects alive, revealing their stories as I paint. My challenge is to capture those stories, that life and that beauty, to create harmony among various elements. Painting becomes a meditative process, an expression of the serenity that comes after spiritual contemplation, infused with peace and tranquility.