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Seven of my Accidental Encounter paintings will be included in

Toying with Art: The Animal Kingdom

December 19, 2015 - March 6, 2016

Morris Museum

Morristown, NJ

curated by Jody Marcus


If you would like to come visit my studio, call or email for an appointment.

Check out the newest additions to my Ugly Fruit series,

including my infamous potato drawings exhibited in 2012 in

Occupying Potatoes: Cult of the Potato at the Islip Museum

My painting, Through Another Looking Glass

is now in the collection of the

Copelouzos Art Museum in Athens, Greece

Portraits of Glaciers

Flying over the glacial coastline between Anchorage and 

Juneau inspired a series of Aerial Portraits of Glaciers

around the world. These intricate images seem abstract,

but are in fact realistic renderings. 

Each drawing is a portrait of a particular glacier or glacial

area, an important natural treasure. Like my drawings,

the concept of global warming may seem abstract, but

seeing the glaciers intimately rendered helps the process

feels more real and personal.

For the first time all 365 of my Self Portrait a Day series from 2010

were on display in Time Frames Marking Time at Westbeth Gallery

in NYC in the spring of 2013

A-Self-Portrait-a-Day 2010

was reviewed for the American Arts Quarterly Blog

I’m not sure that my work has ever been this thoughtfully and

intelligently explored in words ... 

Thanks to Meredith Bergmann for this wonderful article.

Unity Canvas enters the permanent collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

My painting, What He Saw, in the Unity Canvas was

voted into the collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

What He Saw, 12” x 12” oil / 0close up & as part of the Unity Canvas

Seventh Grade Families

NOW is the BEST time to start developing your child’s LaGuardia Portfolio

Tenth/Eleventh Grade Families

NOW is the BEST time to start developing your child’s College Art Portfolio

Call or email to learn more about Fran’s Portfolio Art Classes and Private Art Lessons

or set up an appointment to meet.

Check out my interviews for Geobeats in their Artist’s Profiles/Master Series

My work in the Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair 2014 was included in Art in Brooklyn    

My work in the Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair 2013 was included in the Hampton’s Art Hub:

The Hullaballoo Collective 

"A bootstrap brigade standing on the shoulders of giants, the artists of the

Hullaballoo Collective are proud to band together in unruly style and present

a wild swath of the arts today."

Check out our website and see what the hullaballoo is all about:

Fran Beallor was interviewed live on WBAI 99.5 fm Wed. Nov. 2

in conjunction with the 2012 benefit auction

You can see my lithograph, 101st Street Snow, which was donated to the

WBAI/Community radio benefit auction & described in the interview

My First Altered Book, Home,  was exhibited in Desert Island’s Pop-up Book Show at the

SculptureCenter, Long Island City, New York in January 2015, and can be seen at:

Check out my work at Art in New York

My painting, Fallen Angel, was chosen to illustrate the article, Snipping Pink Sentimentality:

Persisting on the Whys of Breast Cancer by Eleanor J. Bader in the online magazine On The Issues.

Prize: I was excited to receive a fellowship from the Transcultural Exchange to attend their Conference

on International Opportunities in the Arts: The Interconnected World in 2011 and again in 2013 in Boston.

Four days to learn about artists’ residencies and exhibition opportunities around the world, meet artists

from all over, and see great art in the museums around Boston. This year Boston, next year - who knows,

maybe Iceland!

"Boston was the nexus of the international art community with TransCultural Exchange’s Conference on

International Opportunities in the Arts... artists, teachers, residency directors, curators, collectors, arts critics

and administrators converged to attend programs focused on opportunities for artists throughout the world." 

The story behind my website:

My husband and partner, Dan Gluck, designed my first wonderful website in 1994, when few

people had heard of the internet, least of all me. I said to him, “Why do I need a website - who

will look at it? It’s a waste of time... “ But Dan is relentless when he knows he is on to

something, and he insisted, “You’ll see, you’ll be in the forefront of a revolution.” He taught

himself html and computer coding & voilà - a website was born, despite my misgivings.

You and I both know who turned out to be right! Dan is a forward thinking man, whose ability to

predict future trends never ceases to amaze me. His current business is clean energy - let’s hope

that will be our future.

With Dan busy working on his new venture, it was up to me to design a new website in 2010.

It’s been an adventure, as anyone who has designed a site knows well. Thanks to Dan; my kids,

Juliana and Isaac; my sister, Wendy; and a few close friends (Alice, Anne, Aviva, Celia & Regina)

who offered feedback and advice along the way.

Please check back for periodic news updates and changes to the site.

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