Art Lessons with Fran Beallor


Art Lessons

with Fran Beallor

Private Art Lessons

available for all ages / preschool to adult

Art Audition & Portfolio Preparation

Middle Schoolers - prepare to apply to LaGuardia,

Frank Sinatra and Art & Design HS

High Schoolers - prepare a portfolio for college art programs

“Since tutoring my daughter for LaGuardia in 2009 (& she got in!),

I've been tutoring young artists for High School and College.

I have been giving art lessons for all ages since the 1980s.”

Reasonable rates / flexible times, on afternoons & weekends

~ weekday hours for homeschoolers ~

Lessons conveniently located on the Upper West Side

Call 212-864-7465 for more details


Feel free to forward this information to your friends,

your network or anyone you think might be interested.


Art inspires!

All the art works on this page are by students of Fran Beallor

Above/Clockwise: Toucan by Isabel Alpert, Charlie by Ruth Levy, After Van Gogh by London Barreras, Studio Corner by Beryl Perron-Feller, Nepali Mahakala Mask by Andrew Barreras, Abstract Window Scene by Ruth Levy, Self Portrait by Tom Novicki, Lighthouse by Isaac Gluck, Pikachu Still Life by Juliana Gluck, Barabaig Warrior by Ruth Levy, Self-Portrait by Lily Ehrlich, and Flying Cup by by Juliana Gluck.

Below/Left to Right Top: Blue Glass Still Life by Beryl Perron-Feller, Landscape by Juliana Gluck, My Apartment by Racheli Hirschhorn, Flying Ketchup Bottle by Juliana Gluck, The Seasons by Miriam Hirschhorn

Below/Left to Right Bottom: Chuck Close Self Portrait by Isabel Alpert, Riverboat by Isaac Gluck, Self Portrait w/Baseball Cap by Tom Novicki, Cup & Bowl by Ruth Levy, Still Life with Wine Bottle by Tom Novicki.                 

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Thank you so much for all of your care and attention.  I never knew that my daughter had this talent; you really helped bring it into greater focus - we are all really grateful.

-- from the mom of a public middle schooler who go into LaGuardia & Frank Sinatra

Hours with Fran does an artist make. What a transformation! Thank you so, so much. With this experience of studying with a real artist outside of public school, I feel like she has real skills and really is an artist in the making. I can't imagine Alfred turning her away...

-- from the parent of a LaGuardia high schooler who now attends Alfred University

Thanks so much for everything, Fran! I love the work he did with you - just beautiful. It's been a blessing meeting you and having you help my son. We really appreciate it ... maybe once he is away at college, I'll start my own art lessons with you!

-- from the mom of a Private high schooler now attending Carnegie Mellon Institute

Hey Fran,

The new drawing is just amazing! I am so impressed and proud. And she loves working with you. Thank you!!!

-- from a mom of a public middle schooler who got into LaGuardia

Fran - thank you very much for taking the time to write up a detailed account of what you have been working on! I really appreciate it. I am so happy we have a fantastic art class back in the curriculum. 

-- from a homeschool mom of a brother & sister, 9 and 13


And from the kids:

--Thank you!! You've been so helpful with my art portfolios and auditions!!! 

--I got into LaGuardia and Frank Sinatra!! I couldn't have done it without you, thank you so much!

--So the audition went well in my opinion ... Thank you for asking me how everything went. It was amazing to work with you.

--Not only are you an amazing art teacher, but you are incredibly warm-hearted and sweet!

--I got into LaGuardia for Art! Thanks so much for helping me on my portfolio it really, really helped.